Graphic Design

Promotional cards for a literary journal. The logo is a yucca plant in the style of a color blindness test.

Logo for the Sex, Drugs, & Spirituality podcast

Logo for a performance artist that goes by the name of Hug of War. This logo was designed to be screen printed on t-shirts, but was also used in other promotional material for the act.

Logo for March Dadness, and annual showdown between the hottest “daddies” in Hollywood

Website banner for Hug of War.

Album art for a Hug of War cassette tape. This was the file sent to the printers, which includes fold and cut marks.

Logo for Feline Trouble. An all female band that performed songs about cats and dicks.

Tile for a repeating pattern.

The seamless pattern tiled out.

Application of the fellatio pattern. These "naughty fanny packs" sold quite well and were very popular amongst music festival goers.

Logo Collaboration. On the left is the preliminary design drawing by Shoe Marley. On the right is the final digital interpretation by Sidney Delorean.